Welcome to MacroNu Meals!!

We Take Fresh Ingredients, Wash, Cut, and Cook them. You get Freshly made meals that are ready in under 3 Minutes.

We Deliver to you every Monday and Thursday

Always Free of, Gluten, Soy, and Preservatives

Not Your Ordinary Bagged Lunch

So How Do You MacroNu?

I know we have a unique business so here is a broad stroke break down of how it works.

  • Every Wednesday we post a new menu that has different meals from the previous week. This means you can eat healthy week after week without ever getting bored.
  • You order in advance to have Freshly prepared meals delivered on the next available date. Delivery is Monday and Thursday's
  • We handle all deliveries,  the meals never leave our sight, until we deliver them right to your location.
  • You are welcome to purchase one meal at a time, however we reccomand multiple meals. You can find Multiple Meal Packages here.
  • We deliver your meals cold to you.
  • You place in your refrigerator.
  • You Heat, Eat, And Conquer

A note about delivery/Pick-up When you are ready to check out you will be prompted to select your Pick up point or Delivery . We have pick up points between Lake George and New Hampshire that are free to have your meals sent to. We recommend that you only select a gym if it is one that you are currently a member of . We will also deliver to any workplace or home provided there is a way to refrigerate the meals. This means someone is there take the meals upon delivery or you leave your own cooler with ice packs. If you prefer for a small fee we will bring the meals directly to your home or business and provide a biodegradable cooler box for you.

If this is your first order we will contact you to make sure you know exactly how the process will work. As always you can reach me directly at 518-832-2732

Have a great day!

-Chris And Emily